Work chair

Work chairs and work chairs are important aids for your employees to relax their bodies. The requirements for office chairs are often high because they are often used in harsh work environments or where they must meet high hygiene standards. The office chairs in our product range are as diverse as the requirements of different work environments. Here we explain what you should consider when choosing the right office chair.

How should the study chair be?

An ideal office chair provides your employees with secure support without restraining them. With us you will find work chairs, work stools equipped to meet the requirements for different spaces.

The choice of your office chair depends on the space you need it. With us you will find ESD chairs, laboratory chairs, production chairs, cleanroom chairs and custom chairs. You can also order suitable accessories such as armrests or spare wheels in our online shop. If your office chair is subject to heavy use, you should choose a model made from particularly sturdy materials.

Preventing Sick Leaves with the Right Work Chair

About 25-30% of all sick leave are due to back ailments caused by an incorrect sitting position. That's why it's especially important to have an ergonomic work chair at your workplace that allows you to change your sitting position regularly. Since your employees spend a lot of time in the work chair, it should definitely be adapted to the relevant requirements. A good office chair supports and relaxes people in their work. If your employees are more concentrated, the error rate in their work can be reduced by about 20%. If you invest in high-quality office chairs, you will not only provide a better working environment, but also increase the work efficiency of your employees and therefore the profitability of the company.