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Brand: Güzelkan Madeni Eşya Model: 1072
Wall shelf bookcase 4 Layer:Our product comes demounted, installation is simple. (you can fix it on the wall with 4pcs screws)Shelf material : Chipboard Skeleton material: Metal profileEach shelf's maximum load is 7.5 kg.Product sizes:Width: 70cmDepth: 22 cmHeight: 150 cm...
Ex Tax:590₺
Brand: Güzelkan Madeni Eşya Model: 1089
Metal Bookcase with 5 Shelves:Our product comes disassembled (not installed).Product Dimensions:Height: 170 cmWidth: 70cmDepth : 25 cmThe table part is chipboard material.Skeleton parts are metal profile material...
Ex Tax:590₺
Brand: Güzelkan Madeni Eşya Model: 1042
Metal Shelf Bookshelf:Height: 153 cmWidth: 70cmDepth: 22 cmHeight between shelves: 27 cmThe product is very easy to install, it is coming demounted.It is necessary to fix it to the wall from the top of the skeleton part.The skeleton is a metal profile 3 cm x 2 cm in size.The shelves are made of chip..
Ex Tax:654₺
Brand: Güzelkan Madeni Eşya Model: 1184
6 Tiers Wall Shelf Metal Bookcase:Our product comes disassembled and its installation is simple. (You can fix it to the wall with 2 screws)Shelf material : Particleboard lamFrame material: Metal profileEach shelf carries a maximum weight of 7.5 kg.Product sizes:Width: 70cmDepth: 22 cmHeight: 200cm..
Ex Tax:954₺
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Anyone who reads books or wants to set up their own library definitely needs useful and stylish bookcases. Otherwise, your books may be worn out by staying in bags and boxes. Functional and stylish bookshelves have many advantages for you. With nice bookshelves, you can protect your books, access them easily and change your home decoration.


Bookshelves are not only furniture with new designs, but also a decoration product in recent years. Their eye-catching designs are as important as their functionality. With the bookshelf models, you can complete the design of your study room or office.


 Bookshelf Models That Will Beautify Your Home Decoration


It is possible to turn your bookcase into a modern design object with different accessory options. As with other furniture, the most important features for bookcases are functionality and durability. The most important thing that affects the functionality of furniture is their design. Our Bookshelves models designed by our design engineers are produced with durable materials.


The library models that you can display in the bedroom, living room or waiting room of your workplace also have wall-mounted bookcase options. Stylish and useful bookcase models help you to reach your dream. All you have to do is choose the most suitable model for you among dozens of options.


If you want to add a modern atmosphere while beautifying your space, you can choose any of the wall bookshelves, bookcases with covers, tree bookshelves, modern bookshelves, corner bookshelves.


Bookshelf prices will guide you to find the decorative bookcase you need. You can also follow affordable bookshelf models in this category.


The Most Beautiful Bookshelf Models


One of the things you should pay attention to when deciding on the bookshelf model that will add a new atmosphere to your space is the size of the Bookshelf.


First of all, you should know very well the dimensions of the bookcase and the dimensions of your room. The bookshelf you bought without knowing the dimensions of your space may cause some problems for you. One of these problems is that the furniture is too big for the area. In such a case, the bookshelf takes up more space than it should, making it difficult to use the furniture. This makes it difficult not only to use the bookshelf, but also to use other furniture in the area.


According to your preference, the bookshelves can be in any part of your home or office. The departments they use most are study rooms and offices. . However, if you want your books to be at your fingertips at all times; It is useful to put it in which room of the house you spend more time in. If you have children's room or teenage room in your home, the factor that will determine the location of your library should be who will use the library more. Remember, a beautiful library can also increase the enthusiasm for reading books with its visual richness. You can see the best quality and best prices for bookshelves in our website.