Libraries don't just ensure that books are sorted regularly. They also serve as a complement to furniture groups in home decoration. With bookshelves with different designs, you can meet your needs and change the mood of your living space.

Library Dimensions

There is no standard size of libraries. The library dimensions change according to the area to be used and the number of books. The bookshelf for a small room has 3 shelves andcan be from 120 Dec 210 cm. It can also have a large size, from wall to wall and ceiling, for larger areas.

Since they are also used as a Decoupage product, the dimensions of bookshelf shelves can vary between 20 cm and 35 cm. In order for the bookshelves not to stretch, you should make sure that the shelf length is at least 100 cm and the thickness is 25 mm.


How to Make a Bookshelf?

You can make a wooden bookshelf from a cabinet lid, surplus boards or pallets in your home. There is no need to have a lot of materials and be a master carpenter to make a bookcase. If there is no material to use in your home, you can buy a board from a carpenter, a second-hand pallet for shelves from construction stores.

Determine the library dimensions in advance according to the area you will use. For the bookshelf legs,set 4 slats measuring 5x5 cm. Cut out intermediate slats for Decoupage shelves and connecting the slats together. Cut 25-30 cm long slats twice as many times as you are going to create shelves. Extend two long slats parallel to each other on the table/floor. Install Dec Decembers between long slats, adjusting the shelf spacing between them by 36-40 cm. When assembling, do not forget to apply glue between the slats. Decking

You can make shelves from one piece of wood, as well as by unscrewing them from the pallet. You can cover the back of the bookshelf with fiberboard, or you can put thin slats on the back sides diagonally. If you want your library to have a long life, you can just apply varnish or paint it in the color you want.

Ideas for Decorating Bookcases

Bookcases are getting rid of mediocrity as a trend in modern living spaces. You can turn your bookshelf into an aesthetic and stylish decoration tool of your room. In order for you to use your library as an effective decoration tool, we can list the library layout and decoration ideas as follows;

1- Place your books on shelves symmetrically and regularly. You can arrange books according to their height or place them in a wavy way. If there is a lot of color redundancy in books, you can arrange the same colored books on each shelf to avoid tiring the eyes.

2- You can evaluate the small accessories in your home in your library. You can use accessories such as trinkets, small picture frames, vases, flowerpots, toys as decor. Do not create image pollution in your library by using too many accessories. 

3- You can light up your library. You can place spotlights under the shelves. You can add miniature lampshades to the top. You can paste led strip on the front or sides of the shelves.

4- You can make your library alive with flowers. You can place ivy on the top shelf and extend it from the sides to the bottom. You can place small pots such as cacti on the shelves and use them as supports.

How Should the Bookshelf Dimensions Be?

You can set the dimensions of your library according to your purpose of use, the number of your books. You can determine the height and width according to your requirement. The height of an ideal and convenient bookcase is considered to be 210, width is 120, depth is 30 cm. In order for the shelves not to stretch in the long term, not to display an ugly image, their length should be no more than 1 meter.

Words with Bookcase Letters

A word processing competition program one semester gave viewers the habit of finding new words from given letters. For enthusiasts, we can count new words with the letters K-I-T-A-P-L-I-K like this;

1-) 8 letter words; bookshelf

2-) 6-letter words; caplik, paklik, taklip

3-) 5-letter words; aklik, altik, aplik, itlak, cancellation, kalik, mold, inheritance, kapik, coated, katik, killer, clerk, contribution, storey, coptic, kital, kikla, book, bootik, plati, follow, talik, suitor

4-) 4-letter words; mind, agate, akil, akit, mind, mind, alik, six, waste, idle, atik, scarf, horseman, ikta, ipka, itap, kail, heart, door, solid, solid, kati, continent, clique, clip, secular, lika, pact, pati, plaque, jewelry, talc, tapi, tapi, stopper

5-) 3-letter words; ait, aki, ali, alp, alt, ati, ika, ila, ila, ita, kak, kal, kap, kat, bristle, kit, kik, kit, lacquer, lap, pak, pal, pat, pit, peak, battery, plug, tal, click, tip, tick, type

6-) 2-letter words; ak, al, at, il, ip, it, ki, la, ta, ti

Drawing a Bookcase Plan

Bookcases are sold disassembled on websites and furniture stores. Inside the box there is a plan showing how to install the library. You can set up your library by looking at the plan.

There are special programs for those who want to make a complicated or simple library. You can create a drawing by entering the dimensions of the library in drawing programs such as Autocad.

Bookcases are one of the important pieces of decor in offices and homes. They do not have a standard size. You can custom-make different sizes according to the area you will use. If you want, you can make your own library.

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