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Picnic Table Wooden Table Balcony Table Folding Table 1030 Picnic Table Wooden Table Balcony Table Folding Table 1030
Brand: Güzelkan Madeni Eşya Model: 1030
Foldable Picnic Table:80 cm X 60 cm Table sizeHeight : 65 CMNot spacious ve easy to carry.Strong metal table legs .Camp Table..
Ex Tax:454₺
Brand: Güzelkan Madeni Eşya Model: 1026
Foldable Picnic Coffee Table:Table measurments: 60×45 cm Height: 50 cm..
Ex Tax:326₺
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Camping Tables


Tent adventures are among the indispensable hobbies for nature lovers. Nature lovers are not just tents for a problem-free camp. With the development of production and design technology, there are hundreds of campin table types produced in different designs. The most important thing for a camper to know in order to choose the camping table he needs is what kind of camping table he needs. As in every field, a person who knows his needs well is shopping.


Camping tables are different in terms of both appearance and quality. High quality and durable materials are used in the production phase of the products designed with new generation technologies. Our camping table types are produced from durable materials with quality craftsmanship. The most important criterion to be considered while producing camping products is to ensure that the product produced is resistant to harsh natural conditions. As with every product produced with quality materials and professional workmanship, camping tables also offer a long usage life to the user.


Camping tables can be easily folded to save space. Another reason why they are foldable is that they are easy to carry. Thus, you can place your table in different places during your camp and move it easily. You can take it with you when you go fishing or use it to sit around the campfire and drink coffee.


Camping table models are remarkable products with their stylish appearance as well as their quality workmanship. When searching for camping tables, you can see that there are hundreds of different options in different sizes. Moreover, the fact that these options have different color options and that these options are quite large allow users to make easier choices. Being made of stainless steel or aluminum, they provide comfortable use even in areas with the most difficult hard nature conditions.


Wide Uses


Camping table set models are not only preferred by people who camp frequently. Since they are portable, they can be used in many different areas and for different purposes.


Camping tables are among the products preferred not only for camps but also for people who have picnics. The camping picnic table is a very advantageous product for people who go on a picnic, especially in spring and summer. There is a high probability of experiencing a table shortage because the picnic areas are in high demand in those seasons. Many picnic lovers knowing this bring a camping table with them. They use their own tables and chairs when the picnic area's tables and chairs are busy. Thus, they can enjoy a much more comfortable picnic.


You can easily use the camping tables in front of your shop or in your garden. If you don't have a large garden and want to save space and want a table that you can put away when not in use, the camping table is for you. In addition, if you want to have a coffee with your friends or customers in front of your shop, camping tables are a very useful item for you.


You can safely order the one you like among our camping table models.