Wooden Chair

Wooden chairs are produced using a piece of wood or a suitable product. As a result of shaping or carving the products used, the shape of a chair is given. Even though there are different sizes and shapes for a chair, the basics of manufacture are the same. Any worker produces wooden chairs, or a store produces thousands of identical wooden chairs, with a similar production style. However, different wooden chair models can be found according to the design details, suitability for different environments and ergonomic structure.

How to Design Wooden Chairs?

Before wooden chairs are produced, a certain design must be drawn in order to be safe. A typical design can be created or a drawing can be created with computer aided drawing programs. Certain prototypes are produced for the wooden chairs that have been designed and controlled. Necessary arrangements are made for the chair to achieve the desired features. Necessary arrangements are made in the CAD program and it is applied to the chair design.

The basic components that make up a chair can be classified as seat, chair back, sitting area and legs. Although the chairs have different design features, these three components are definitely present. Products that do not contain these components are named differently. But there are also auxiliary parts for a wooden chair. The wooden chair is supported by different parts such as armrests, footrests and stabilizer bars. All parts for production can be designed individually. The chair is made functional with different application methods.

How Are Wooden Chairs Produced?

Depending on the chair design, the parts can be produced in different ways. Different coating materials are preferred for all parts and they are made ready for use. Operations such as spring additions or filling are performed. After the chair is completed, operations such as polishing and stain removal can be done. The removal of paint can be prevented with polyurethane materials. In addition, the design is tried to be completed by using different fabrics.

After all these processes, it remains to choose the most suitable wooden chair for you. You can use it by choosing the chair that best suits your needs and wishes. You can find and use different models from baby chair to daily chair. When you pay attention to its care and use, you can safely use a wooden chair for many years.