Folding Camping Table

As the family, we continue to produce practical products that will provide you convenience. With our folding camping tables and chairs, we want to provide quality service to our valued camping-loving customers at an affordable price.


 Folding Camping Table


 Practical products are very important for people who are overwhelmed by the city crowd and love to camp. The products, which do not take up space and are practical, make the work of camp lovers much easier. Practical folding camping tables are available for camp lovers who are fond of comfort. As the name suggests, the folding camping table does not take up much space and allows you to always have it in your car. It is one of the products that will attract the attention of camping lovers due to its light weight and easy folding and opening. Folding Camping Table


 We have two folding camping table products on One is 1030 coded picnic table and the other is 1026 coded garden, camping, picnic table. 


 The size of the 1030 coded picnic table is 80 cm x 60 cm and its height is 65 cm. It folds up and does not take up space. The metal legs are quite sturdy and durable. 


 The garden, camp and picnic table with code 1026 is 60 cm x 45 cm and its height from the ground is 50 cm. It occupies less space as it is foldable and smaller than the other table. 


 Both of our products are reasonably priced. As always, we try to produce quality products at affordable prices for our valued customers. Both of our products are sent as installed. It is used not only for camping but also as a balcony, garden and picnic table.


 Eportive Communication


 If there is any problem with the purchased product, please create an easy return request at and send the products back in their original packaging. Return requests for products damaged by insufficient packaging may result in negative results. When shipping back, please use an outer protective box to avoid damage in transit.


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