Office Chairs

Office chairs for professional use combine seating comfort, functionality and durability. This fixed seating furniture is suitable, for example, for reception areas, doctor's offices and of course classical office spaces. We offer them in many different designs: work chairs, bench chairs - with and without foot rings - and standing aids.

You can be inspired by our versatile selection of living furniture.

How Can Office Chairs Make Working Easier?

Office chairs and stools are a better choice as smaller seating for workspaces where flexibility is important. In this way, you can access your work equipment at any time, even in the laboratory or in the hairdresser, while maintaining a comfortable sitting position. This advantage is especially noticeable when your job requires high concentration and you literally don't think about anything else.

In the case of work chairs, movement along the longitudinal axis allows you to switch from one activity to another and back again with a simple turn. This is especially useful if you frequently switch workspaces, for example, between the microscope and viewing your documents.

If the workstations are a little further apart, caster work stools make it easy to switch quickly. Finally, office chairs and stools are smaller than traditional office chairs, making the most of the often limited space.

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