Bar stool

It is a furniture product that is usually a long chair with a footrest to support the feet. Bar stools are available in various designs in terms of height.


 How should the bar stools we buy be?


 In terms of quality, there are cheap bar stools, but they differ according to price and quality. The bar stool you will sit on should have a height between 72 and 80 cm. The seat should have an ergonomic structure and a seat diameter of at least 38 cm, which is important for comfort. 


 What Should Be Considered When Choosing Bar Stools?


 Bar chairs, designed and produced using wood and metal materials, have an important place in preferences due to their lightness. The wooden bar stool is a type of chair that gives a real look to the living area with its natural appearance and light structure, and provides an advantage in terms of not occupying space. Metal bar chairs, which are more expensive than wooden chairs, are the first choice as they are stronger and more durable. The cozy and comfortable seats it will provide to people should be a feature to be sought in bar chairs. In recent years, the main cause of low back pain is wrong sitting posture and posture disorder. The chair to be used should be a comfortable and high quality chair that provides a suitable seating for people. 


 Depending on the area to be used, the bar stool should be determined according to the environment. Outdoor bar chairs are usually made of metal or plastic. For indoor bar chairs, you can use wooden bar chairs, as well as metal and plastic. When buying wooden bar chairs, you need to pay attention to the type of wood. The quality of the wood of the bar chairs to be designed is important. However, walnut wood is not usually the first choice for chairs. This is a very high price and heavy material. In terms of metal, pay more attention to the paint quality. It is extremely important to pay attention to the welding point in the steel bar chair.


 What are the Bar Chair Types?


 - Wooden Bar chair

 - Metal Bar chair

 - Bar Chair with Chrome Tray Legs

 - Mechanical Bar Chair

 - Wooden Leg Bar Chairs 

 - Many bar chairs are available, such as the Pena Bar Chair.