Work desks provide great convenience for students and employees. According to the user's characteristics, some tables are very messy, and some tables can be overly tidy. It is important that the desk is organized and convenient in order to prevent the motivation to work from falling, to continue working with high motivation. A regular desk combined with an ergonomic chair/armchair will increase your desire to work.

With the development of the furniture industry, the work table has acquired a stylish appearance. Many desks cater to everyone over the age of 3.

How to Arrange a Work Desk?

Although work desks provide great convenience for students and employees, a messy and irregular desk eliminates the desire to work. The fact that books, notebooks, pens, stationery are scattered on the table will distract the attention of the working person. Those who want a tidy and convenient desk are looking for how the work desk layout should be. We can list the ways of working order that will increase your motivation and desire to work as follows;

1- Do not place unnecessary items on the table. Do not put items on the table that will prevent you from working, such as frames, novels, magazines, toys. If you want to put a frame or magazine type items, you can hang your frames on a wall where you can see them directly. You can also make a pocket for your magazines on the side of the table.

. If your desk is against the wall, you can use it as a motivational booster by hanging your frames on the wall. If you are a student, you will reduce the excess paper on the table with a cork board that you will hang on the wall.

2- Stationery products are the materials that take up the most space on the table. You can collect your stationery products somewhere with pen holders, organizer products that you will make yourself or buy ready-made.

3- If you have electronic products such as computers, printers on your desk, do not let the cables bother you. By collecting cables with a cable tobler, you can get rid of the ugly appearance.

4- It will take up a lot of space to put books and notebooks on work desks that are not equipped with cabinets. Stylish and aesthetic-looking shelves that will be made on the wall will eliminate this problem. The sumen set will provide great convenience for keeping order at the officer, chef, manager tables.

Making a Work Desk

For those who do not want to give money for a work desk, there are many videos on making a work desk, drawings of a work desk. By following the videos and drawings, you can create your own table. If you want to make the table in a more economical way, you can make it from a second-hand pallet or disposable wardrobe covers at home.

The length of the working table, which is considered ideal and standard, is 120, the height of the working table is 74, and the width is 60 centimeters. The dimensions of the 4-pcs desk used by employees in working environments such as the office range from 280x130x75 to 320x160x75 cm.

Start by unscrewing the boards of the pallets. From the boards you will make legs, which are called "asses". You make the legs in the opposite "V" shape. You are using two inverted "V" shapes as table legs. to support the feet, you drill support slats from the inside and outside.

After creating the legs, you are preparing the table. For this you can use chipboard, cabinet cover, pallet boards. If you are going to use pallet boards, you are adding support boards on both sides to the bottom. Screw the boards onto the support boards. If you want your table to have a natural look, you can paste it with self-adhesive products.

With What Paint Is The Work Desk Painted?

You may want to change the color of the existing worktable, paint the table you just made. Since work desks are usually made of wood, acrylic paints are used for painting wood.

How to Paint a Desk

Before proceeding to painting the work table, you need to prepare the necessary materials.  These materials include;

1- Acrylic, solvent-based paints (color options are available)

2- Thin and thick brush, small roller

3- Thinner to thin the paint

4- Sanding

5- Gloves, nylon for laying on the floor

Whether your worktable is unpainted or painted, you should sand it before proceeding to the painting process. Make the surface smooth and clean.Jul: Yes, it is. Do not forget to apply a primer before painting. You will extend the life of both your furniture and your paint. After applying the primer, let it dry.

Dilute your paint with a thinner in the proportions indicated on the box. The Deceleration rate is usually between 5-10%. Paint your desk with a brush or roller of paint in the color of your choice. When painting the sides, make sure that the paint does not flow.

How Should the Desk Lightning Be?

When working at the work desk, light, lighting are of great importance. It is very important that no shadows fall on the table, the eyes do not get tired. You need to be careful when choosing table and ceiling lamps for lighting the room, table, except for daylight.

If you want to avoid eye strain, physical fatigue, distraction during work, you should choose soft white light in the lamp selection. The light should not hit you directly in the eye, you should place your desk lamp on the opposite side of the hand you are using.

Although work desks provide a comfortable and easy working environment, they lead to low efficiency when they are irregular. You can organize your desk with a few simple applications. If desired, you can make your own table with simple ingredients.

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