Wall Bookshelf

Wall Bookshelf

Wall Bookshelf 

Types of wall bookcases made of metal and wooden materials are being sold on online platforms. Shelf bookcases can be easily mounted on the wall. These products, which are also often preferred because they take up little space, have a warranty period of 1 year.

 The First Option for Wall Bookcases: 6-Storey Bookcase

 At the beginning of the best-selling bookshelf models of recent years, 6-story bookcases are coming. Mounted on the wall with only 2 screws, these products are both convenient and quite decorative. 6-Storey bookcases, each shelf of which has a maximum carrying capacity of 7.5 kilos, can be ordered using installment facilities for up to 12 months. The estimated delivery time of the libraries that are shipped within the same day according to the availability of stock is 3 working days.

 Metal Bookcases and Product Specifications

 Bookcases, the skeleton of which is metal, and the shelves are made of chipboard, are another option in the categories. In addition to children's and teenage rooms, these products, which are often used in living rooms and living rooms, make books and magazines look much more tidy. Since its skeleton is made of durable metal materials, its impact resistance is quite high.

 Ideal for versatile uses, wall shelf metal bookshelves can also be used in bathrooms and kitchens. Like any other bookshelf, these products can be easily mounted to the wall with screws.

 Special Bookshelves for the Study

 Bookcases specially designed for study rooms, both functional and decorative, are on sale at prices suitable for every budget. These products, which harmonize with other furniture and accessories in the room along with the color of natural wood, are shipped disassembled. The package contains the necessary screws for installation and an assembly diagram.

 Wall bookcases with a height of 153 cm and a width of 70 cm allow you to save space even in the smallest rooms. The most important feature of these libraries is that they have ideal standards for versatile uses. Books and magazines or trinkets and ornaments can be placed on the shelves completely depending on preference.

 1st of the production working desk bookcases using premium wooden materials have been used for many years in their first-day quality. Buyers can get more detailed information about the product by reading customer reviews before completing the order process.