Waiting chair

Waiting chair

Waiting chair

Waiting seats are very important components. Waiting chairs are used in banks, hospitals and clinics, offices, schools and educational institutions, university colleges and of course airports, bus and train stations. You can usually offer a wide range of seating solutions for 3, 4 or 5 people on a single bench. Of course you can design the seats in pairs or any other way you want.

Our recommendation is that you do not add more than 6 seats to each of the benches; There is a simple reason for this. Benches can be too heavy to move. Therefore, it is recommended to have 4 seats on each bench. Another important thing to think about is a shelf that can be crafted between the seats to hold newspapers and other items.

For the convenience of those waiting, magazines are a suitable option for spaces and spaces that want to create a more enjoyable environment.

Top Quality Waiting Chairs

You can purchase chairs for public waiting areas in a variety of designs and colors to suit all environments. Specially designed waiting chairs for the general waiting area are suitable for airport, clinic, travel agency, hotel and office lobby. Durable and low maintenance, these tall benches are built to last to justify your investment.

Waiting seats are usually available in the following configuration

2 seater, 3 seater, 4 seater and 5 seater

· Full stainless steel set

Polypropylene seat and backrest on metal beam

With or without cushion upholstery