Tree Chair

Tree Chair

Tree Chair

Wooden chairs are among the indispensable parts of furniture and decoration. Production is provided in various stages by using different tree species. Hardwoods are often preferred for the manufacture of chairs. When the tree chair is taken care of, it can be used for many years without any problems.

How Are Wooden Chairs Produced?

Wooden chairs go through a production stage to be created in a very solid structure and good design. A wooden chair is produced by going through the frame, paint-varnish and upholstery stages. In the first stage, solid and quality materials should be preferred for the preparation of the skeleton. At this stage, molds are made for all parts of the chair. The tree is cut and shaped according to the molds. When the pieces are shaped, they are assembled by assembly and the skeleton of the chair is revealed.

After the skeleton of the chair is revealed and it is tested that it is strong enough, the necessary details for its design are passed. After the skeleton stage, necessary processes are carried out during the painting and polishing stages with appropriate colors. Appropriate coloring is done by taking into account the desired color characteristics and customer satisfaction is aimed. Finally, the upholstery, including the seating, backrest and arm parts, is done. Different fabric types and sponges can be used in the upholstery.

Which Trees Are Preferred for Chair Design?

Wood species that will offer strong and durable features should be preferred for wooden chair construction. More hardwoods are used. Oak, ash, hornbeam and maple with high specific gravity are the most suitable wood species. These tree species are generally rectangular or in narrow pieces. The molds created for the chair are drawn on the trees and cuts are made.

Wooden chairs, the price of which can vary according to the type of wood and materials used, can be used in quite different areas. It is possible to encounter wooden chair models for different uses such as garden, dining table, bar stool set. In addition, these chairs can be produced with product mixtures such as metal, glass or PVC. Although productions in this way are quite common, chairs made of pure wood have a more elegant look and natural structure. For this reason, if you want to get a natural look, it would be better to use wooden chairs and tables.