A sunbed is a portable product that is usually used on the beach and by the pool. However, the use of sun beds has not been limited to these areas, it has also been moved to the gardens and terraces of the houses. Thus, it was possible to relax in any suitable area, enjoy the sun or have evening conversations. You can also check the sun loungers suitable for your needs and get information about the prices you can visit our extension address.

What is a Chaise Longue?

A chaise longue is one of the portable products that is widely used all over the world. Recognition of these products among people and widespread use of them Dec the world 19. it has been towards the end of the century. Originally produced in a classical style for a while, the sun loungers have been developed over time and have become one with numerous options.

It is possible to make an analogy of a large folding chair for a chaise longue. So, the question of what is a chaise longue can be answered with a long portable chair. Around the chaise lounges there is usually a transport skeleton made of wood or high-quality plastic. In accordance with the model, a cloth is passed through the middle of this skeleton or a chaise lounge cushion is placed.

The chaise lounge has a folding structure. Moreover, because it is not mounted anywhere, it is portable at any time. It is also possible to make a variant approach for models of sun beds. Because these products are adjustable according to how the person will use them. Thanks to the devices located at the head of the chaise longue, it is possible to use the product in straight shapes such as a bed or upright shapes such as a chair.

Dimensions of the Chaise Longue

The dimensions of the chaise longue usually contain information on length, depth and height. In this regard, the manufacturer is required to share the dimensions of the chaise longue for both indoor and outdoor use. Chaise lounges that will meet most requirements it is possible to find it from the category of “Sun beds” on it. The dimensions of the products contained here in the open state are 183 cm in length, 57 cm in width and 23 cm in height. These values vary between 61 cm in length, 57 cm in width and 12 cm in height when the sunbed is turned off. As it can be seen from these dimensions, sun beds do not need very large areas in terms of storage.

There is no standard product model for the size of a chaise longue. In this context, it is possible that a sunbed model with the same characteristics may be 183 cm long or 170 cm long. At this point, people who want to buy a sunbed should also take into account their own physical characteristics.

A chaise lounge is a product that is tasked with carrying the full weight of the user. In this regard, when buying a sunbed, the dimensions should be considered, as well as the carrying capacity of the product should be learned in detail. The carrying capacity of adult chaise lounges starts from about 100 kilograms and continues to increase according to product quality.

Sunbed Spare Parts

When purchasing sun beds, the product is usually delivered to the buyer in one piece and in an installed form. A chaise longue with average functions has a skeleton, mounting plastic, a cushion or a cloth. Among these parts, the skeleton includes the outer frame of the Deckchair and its legs. The task of the skeleton is to safely carry the weight on it. With mattresses and other products similar to cloth, a comfortable movement area and comfort are provided to the person during use.

The mounting plastic is specially manufactured to adjust the head of the chaise longue. This part is mounted in a convenient place of the skeleton and has a step adjustment. Since the sunbed head is constantly adjusted, the mounting plastic may wear out or break over time. In turn, mounting plastic is a product that can be purchased under the title of sunbed spare parts. It is also possible to purchase mattresses and cloths in a similar way later.

Chaise Lounge Fees

The main points that should be considered when buying a chaise longue are durability, care, appearance, comfort and weight. Depending on these details, the cost of sun beds varies.  But sun beds for every budget can be found at an affordable price. At this point, a price performance analysis should be performed taking into account the product characteristics. Strength should be taken into consideration first in the sun loungers that will be kept out constantly. At this point, it should be noted how long the sunbed will withstand outdoor conditions. In addition, it is necessary to learn how to clean and care for the chaise longue. It is very important that the material used in the manufacture of sun beds is erasable. The cloth and cushion attached to the skeleton must be dirt-repellent or washable.

Sun beds, just like other materials, can wear out over time and get an old look. At this point, it should be preferred that the change process is as late as possible. The weight characteristics of the sun loungers are another point that should be considered. In this context, both its own weight and the carrying capacity of the sunbed should be taken into account. Moving around heavy chaise lounges may not be very comfortable, while chaise lounges with low carrying power may not fully give the desired performance.

A chaise longue is a product used seasonally. In this regard, they are used in the warmer months, while in the colder months they are folded and transported to the storage area. From the point of view of portability, it is more advantageous for the user to purchase lightweight chaise lounges.

All these details, which are taken into account when buying a sunbed, have a direct impact on prices. Sun loungers made of durable material, which have a lightweight structure and have high carrying power; have more expensive prices compared to other products. The price of a Deckchair with average characteristics varies from 160 TL to 350 TL. At this point, it is necessary to take care of buying a sunbed with the desired characteristics at the best price.

Models of Chaise Lounges

It is possible to consider the models of chaise lounges from the product dimensions, material details and design point of view. In this context, chaise lounges are divided into adult and children's chaise lounges in terms of size. Considering the material details, it is possible to encounter numerous options. White sun beds in a medium-level hotel and on most of the beaches are made of special compact polypropylene. It can also be seen that these products have hidden casters on their feet for ease of transportation. Aqua sun loungers are frequently purchased products due to the fact that they are both resistant to all weather conditions and useful. The sun loungers that can be used for terrace and stylish garden decoration are produced from a mixture of copolymer and glass fiber of higher quality and appearance. It is a frequent occurrence that they are used on high-class beaches and luxury hotels.

The most commonly used product model, other than Aqua chaise lounges, is a folding wooden chaise lounge. They are obtained by processing high-strength trees and are converted into a suitable one for outdoor use. The fact that the sunbed is wooden does not cause any problems with water resistance. The bolt assemblies used in the assembly of the products are manufactured in a galvanized way against rust. A fabric is usually passed over the wooden chaise lounges. This fabric is also made of material that is resistant to both sun and water.

It is possible to encounter many models of sun beds, except for aqua sun beds and wooden sun beds. Among them, products with mesh fabric made of polypropylene material stand out Dec It is possible to put a chaise lounge cushion on the mesh fabric and get a softer usage area. When buying a sunbed, the size, material and design details should be considered separately. When deciding on the characteristics of the chaise longue, the area of use and decoration recommendations should also be studied. After deciding on them, all of the sun loungers purchased become suitable for outdoor use.