Portable Folding Chaise Lounge

Portable Folding Chaise Lounge

Sun beds are one of the camping equipment that campers, picnickers, and marine enthusiasts cannot give up. They provide great comfort due to their folding properties, ergonomic and comfortable structure. They take up little space when folded, and their light weight allows them to be taken anywhere.

Portable Folding Chaise Lounge

For those who do not want to sit or lie on the floor in nature, in the open field, by the sea, there are mobile folding sun loungers. In addition to chaise lounges that only provide a session, models of chaise lounges that provide a foot extension and a reclining position also stand out.

You can easily use mobile folding sunbed models in all kinds of outdoor areas, including balconies, gardens, terraces. Thanks to its foldable features, you can take it anywhere you want, whether you want it in your hand or in the car trunk. Thanks to its comfortable and ergonomic structures, you can comfortably do your camping, picnic.

The body and legs of folding chaise lounges are made of metal or aluminum. Metal parts are painted with electrostatic powder coating, so they have a long service life and durability. Portable aluminum folding chaise lounge models with a lightweight structure are the priority choice of enterprises due to their long service life and durable structures.

Prices for Portable Beach Loungers

Portable Chaise Longue have the advantage of reclining and lying down, so their prices are different from others. Prices for portable Chaise Longue that only provide the opportunity to lie down range from 290 to 690 TL. The prices of the models that provide a gradual sitting, foot extension and Decoupage position range from 679 to 1200 TL.

There is an alternative to wooden Portable  Chaise Longue for those who want to use it on the terrace, balcony and garden outside the beach. The price of a wooden portable beach chaise longue starts from 199 TL.

Portable Chaise Lounge

Folding models of portable chaise lounges for camping, picnics and marine enthusiasts provide great comfort. Thanks to its lightweight structures and folding properties, you can take it anywhere you want. You can use it in nature, in open areas, as well as conveniently use it by the pool, on the terrace, on the balcony. They are made of light metal and aluminum material, so they are very easy to carry.

The fabric and cushions used in the sun beds are non-sweat-resistant. They are washable, have a long service life. They are ideal for those who can not sit on the floor. Two-stage models allow you to stretch your foot. The foot extension section goes up in the air, while the back area goes down. So you can do the movements of sleeping, lying down.

Folding Mini Chaise Longue

Among the portable folding Chaise Longue, there are also varieties of mini folding deckchairs. Although its name is mini, it has a carrying capacity of 120 kg. Only the heights of the sun beds are low. They are covered with a fabric cover on a wooden, metal, aluminum body and foot.

For the pool sides, mini-chaise lounge models are used, which consist entirely of plastic. plastic portable chaise lounge with dimensions of 85x42x40 has a durable structure, although it is lightweight.

Although the mini sun beds are short in length, the back areas are long. Thanks to their ergonomic structure, you can sit comfortably for a long time without pain in your back area.

Folding Portable Chaise Lounge

Campers and picnickers who are fond of its comfort and convenience prefer folding portable models of chaise lounges. There are seating, foot extension and reclining types of ergonomic sun loungers that do not look for the comfort of armchairs and beds. You can easily use portable sun loungers with aluminum, metal and plastic bodies in all outdoor areas.

Wooden portable sun loungers can be used anywhere, including the beach and poolside, provided that they do not come into contact with water. For those who want to get rid of the fatigue of the day in nature or in the garden, to lie down peacefully, two-tier models of portable chaise lounges are ideal.

In those with a lever mechanism, when you lift up the plastic device on the armrest, the foot of the chaise longue rises into the air, and the back goes down. So you get to the position where you can lie down comfortably, stretch your feet. The head areas are supported and you can easily rest your head without hurting your neck.

Models of portable sun loungers that become long when they are opened to those who want to enjoy the environment by lounging by the pool or the sea stand out. Sun loungers are located close to the floor, and the back is low. When the chaise longue is folded in half when not in use, it becomes a large briefcase. Because it is lightweight, you can take it anywhere and store it without taking up too much space.

The color scale of folding portable chaise lounges is wide. There are single, double or patterned models. When you place a wholesale order for your business, you can print your brand and logo on the fabric section.

Prices for Portable Chaise Lounges

Prices for portable chaise lounges vary depending on the materials and dimensions used. Prices for mini wooden portable Deckchairs are between 290-324 TL. Prices for plastic models start from 149 TL. The prices of two-Decker portable models are between 450-524 TL. Prices for models with a Deckchair range from 454 to 549 TL.

Portable chaise lounges provide comfortable seating and lounging comfort in all kinds of environments. Thanks to its lightweight, folding and portable features, you can use it anywhere you want.

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