Picnic Table Chair Set

Picnic Table Chair Set

There is nothing like a picnic for those who want to get away from the crowds and noise of the city and go out into nature. For those who do not compromise on their comfort during a picnic, there are table and chair suit models. If you can't sit on the floor, if you want your food and drinks to be on the table, you can choose one of the models that will meet your needs.

Picnic Table Chair Set

When having a picnic, you do not have to constantly sit on the floor. There are a variety of metal, wooden and plastic table chair sets that will allow you to have a picnic comfortably and comfortably. Depending on your number of people, you can take one of the teams of 2, 4 or 6 people.

Folding models are ideal for picnickers. By throwing it in the back of your car, you can take it anywhere you want. You can use the table and chair sets you use at the picnic in the camp, in the garden, on the beach, on the balcony.

Table and chair sets come in square, round, oval, rectangular shapes. Folding and stationary models can be used for businesses with an open area such as a cafe, wedding hall, restaurant, tea garden. In folding sets, the chairs are integrated, with a back or in the form of stools. The color scale of the suits is wide. In addition to the appearance of natural wood, there are white, gray, black, green, brown color options. businesses can print brands and logos on chair backs when they place a bulk order.

Rattan Table Chair Set

Rattan is the creation of seating groups in the form of braids using trees growing in tropical regions. Although they exhibit comfort and aesthetic appearance, they are not resistant to environmental factors such as rain and sun. Because they are not long-lasting, plastic table chair sets with rattan appearance are preferred in open areas.

Rattan table and chair sets include 1 double, 2 single seats and a middle coffee table. The seat and the middle table that make up the team have a rattan appearance. They reflect all the comfort and aesthetics of rattan suits. Because they are resistant to environmental conditions, you can easily use them in all kinds of outdoor areas.

Bistro Table Chair Set 3 Pieces

Bistro is the name given to small cafes operating on streets and avenues in France. They throw a table with a metal body and a wooden surface in front of the cafe in the same way as two chairs with a metal body, a wooden backrest and a seat.

The double chair and table sets installed in front of the cafe are referred to as bistro sets in our country. As there are folding models, there are also fixed model types. The tables are square or round in shape. The teams have a choice of colors.

the table measures 53.5 x 52.5 x 71h cm in sets sold as a 3-piece bistro set with 2 chairs and a table. the dimensions of the chairs are 40x32x77h cm. The wooden parts of the set are made of pine wood, the metal parts are made of a 1.5 mm metal profile.

Wooden Folding Table Chair Set 4+1 Square

For those who cannot give up the natural appearance of wood, there is a 4+1 square folding table chair option. The product is made entirely of wood. 1. On the trunk and feet beech wood is used in the classroom. The table surface can be made of MDF or independent wooden parts.

The team consists of four seats. Chairs can be with cushions, without cushions, with backs, with stools. you can choose a chair according to your needs.

Because the table and chairs are foldable, you can take them to any activity you want, such as camping, picnic, beach, fishing. The use of products is practical. When the table is open, it has a size of 93x91x75 cm. The chair has dimensions of 39.5 x 39x83 cm.

In sets with stools, the dimensions are smaller. The table in the stool set measures 50x50x51, each stool measures 32x32x40 cm. You can order extra chairs or stools for sets with chairs or stools. In this case, you can contact the manufacturer and send your request.

You can also use table and chair sets with chairs or stools as a balcony table chair set. You can place it on your terrace, balcony and comfortably accommodate your guests.

Living Room Table Chair Set

Table and chair sets used in residences and halls are expressed as dining table sets. The table and chair sets used in the hall have a rich choice. There are models that respond to all kinds of styles and needs.

Teams are usually sold for 6 people. There are also models for 8 and 12 people for crowded families. in the 8- and 12-seater models, the open-and-close varieties stand out in terms of space saving. Tables and chairs are made mainly of wood. The upholstery of chairs can be fabric, leather.

Tables can be oval, rectangular in shape. Marble pattern table chair set for 6 people who want different styles they prefer this model.

There are folding or stationary table and chair sets that you can easily use in any environment. You can easily use folding models at a picnic, camping.

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