Office chair

Office chair

Office chair

Office chairs are not only useful in the office. An ergonomic office chair makes it easy to work at the computer in the study room. It prevents back problems and is comfortable even after sitting for a long time. Choosing the right model primarily depends on your needs and body weight. Important criteria for the quality of an office chair are:

Infinitely adjustable chair height

good flooring

Adjustable armrests

Backrest with dynamic swing function

variable seat tilt

Chairs called boss chair belong to the most luxurious class. High backs and thick cushions characterize these office chairs. Boss chairs are usually upholstered in leather and are of very high quality. The limits of normal swivel chairs are often variable. These are also considered to be extremely comfortable. Are you looking for a space-saving office chair without backrest and armrests? Then an upholstered office chair is a great choice.

We also have the right product for gamers in our range: even long evenings spent in front of the console become comfortable with a gaming chair. The superior upholstery as well as support for the neck and lumbar region via movable cushions or a headrest are the features that make this furniture stand out. Children's and teenage seats can have bright colors or charming patterns. Good ergonomics is essential, especially for children who continue to grow. Therefore, you should make sure that the seat of the office chair is adjustable in height.