models of camping tables

models of camping tables

A camping table is recommended for campers who want to camp comfortably and comfortably. For those who do not want to eat-drink on the floor, the camping table is important. There are various sizes and specifications of camping table models. In this article, we have compiled tables for you that will meet your needs.

Camping Table Suggestion

There are different designs and specifications of tables that you can use while camping. Types of tables are folding and fixed on legs. Folding models are ideal for non-crowded campers due to their light weight and convenient portability.

Stationary models, on the other hand, stand out for crowded people. We can list the types of camping tables that will meet your needs as follows;

1- Folding camping tables;

   - Glambling model; The table has a cylinder-shaped folding feature. It has connecting legs with an inclined iron. They are made of cedar wood. It is durable and very light. It has a total weight of 4.5 kg. it measures 85 cm x 50 cm, 42.5 h cm. The camping table, which can be easily carried on the back, bicycle, all kinds of vehicles, is comfortable for 2 people to use.

- Decathlon model; The table can be doubled in the middle. When the feet are closed inside, it has the appearance of a large briefcase. The body is completely aluminum. The upper table is made of 100% wood. There are different types that will respond to all kinds of needs. they have a capacity of 2, 4, 6 people. there are also models with 4 stools.

- The Naturehike model is ideal for campers who go camping by bike or on foot. The camping table, which has small and large options, has a fabric surface. The small model measures 42x57x38h cm; the large model measures 55x75x52h cm. The weight of the small model is 700 grams, and the large one is 950 grams.

- Aluminum model; The body and legs are completely aluminum. They are sold together with carry-on bags. there are different models measuring 58x58x58 cm and 70x70x70 cm. Their weight ranges from 2.1 Dec 2.7 kg. You can easily carry it on your back or in your car.

There are 4 types of camping tables with 4 cups with pockets where you can put cups and bottles on the surfaces of models with aluminum body fabric surfaces.

- Stool-umbrella model; There are 4 stools integrated into the table. It is sold complete with an umbrella, which can be placed in the middle of the table. The body consists entirely of aluminum, the table and stool surfaces are made of plastic. it has dimensions of 40x12x86 cm, which is convenient for a family of 4 people to use.

2- Stationary camping tables are models that are used as stationary in camping areas. They are usually made of wood. Along with various types of concrete with a wooden appearance, plastic ones are also available. For crowded campers, picnickers, the oval camping table provides ease of use. You can add more stools, chairs to the oval table. In this model, varieties with benches with integrated backs on the table stand out.

How to Make a Camping Table?

You can make a folding camping table that you can use while camping and carry it easily. You do not need detailed and not much material for the table. Here are the materials for making a camping table that you can easily make at home;

1- Pallet

2- Two shovel handles

3 - 4 self-tapping steel dowels with a length of 10 mm

4- bolts with a length of 10 mm

5- Inch frost tire

If you want the height of the table to be how many cm, cut the shovel handles to such an extent that you get 4 feet. Insert steel dowels with lighters by drilling one end of the feet with a drill. By unscrewing the boards from the pallets, you can perform surface cleaning. 6 Boards are enough for the table. You can adjust the length of the boards yourself.

Decoupage side by side, leaving a 2 cm gap between the boards. Cut two wooden slats of the resulting length. After placing the boards on the sides, make enough holes so that the bolts pass through the corners.

 Assemble the transverse tire, leaving a gap of 2 cm between each Decking. When assembling the tires, fix them with mini-nails to the first board. Fix the tire by placing a 2-Decimeter bracket between the boards.

Spread the tray on the floor with the tires facing up.Place two wooden slats on the sides. Pass it through the corners with the end of the bolts facing up. Fix the legs by turning them on the bolts. Your desk is ready for use.

From the Owner of the Camping Table

Those who can't buy a camping table or make it themselves are turning to second-hand tables from the second-hand shop or the Internet. A second-hand camping table of different sizes and specifications sold on the Internet from the owner is up to date there are models.

For Istanbulites and those living in the immediate vicinity, the camping table is sold at the istoc center. Istoç, like many products and items, camping tables are also sold wholesale. Businesses that operate campgrounds can buy tables wholesale at an affordable price here.

Camping tables for campers provide great convenience. Folding models provide the advantage of being able to move to any desired location. Among the folding models, varieties that are carried on the back and on vehicles stand out Dec

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