Bookcases, which carry the pleasure of reading books to the maximum size for book lovers and become an important unit in homes, can be designed according to every need and add a holistic atmosphere to homes with their different models.

 There are many design wonders that can easily accommodate the desired number of books, especially among the bookshelf models that attract attention with wall-mounted shelf models and office Dec type designs. With the spread of the work system in homes, instead of carrying designs such as books, magazinesDec organizer with you, the bookcases that have been designed together with the work desk both save space and reduce your workload. In addition to these designs, the options are quite wide for those who want to place their books in a slave of their home. A wealth of models helps you decide which option to choose for a bookshelf in your home.

 Modernized Design with Metal Bookcases

 For those who focus on colors such as metal, white and gray in home decoration, bookshelf models designed in the form of wall shelves are usually preferred when choosing a bookshelf. in the models that come up with floor levels such as 4 and 6, the priority is a durable structure and a stylish appearance that can easily carry books. These stylish products, which are made of fiberboard lam shelf material and have a metal profile, can be easily used even in heavy books and encyclopedias. The large width and height of the product makes it possible to make space in your homes for multi-book placement as well.

 Work Desks with Bookshelves Meet the Needs

 Work desks with bookshelves, which have become a great product option for those who work in a home environment, are a very useful product with a bookshelf attachment mounted on the side of the desk. If you like to see the layout and the products you are looking for together while you are doing business, the Decked tables that give you enough concentration space have been developed for those who want to go a little further out of line, unlike standard books.


 Models of Bookshelves with Office Shelves

 Simplicity and elegance are at the forefront of the office shelving bookshelf models that we are used to seeing frequently in offices. With its wide shelf and high-quality texture, the models that will be a good alternative for use in your homes can be easily cleaned and allows you to safely accommodate your books. The installation of the product, which comes disassembled, is quite practical.