Kitchen Table Chair Set

Kitchen Table Chair Set

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 Kitchen Table Chair Set

 Usually, kitchen tables and chairs are available in every home and appropriate choices are made for kitchen decoration. According to the color of the kitchen cabinets, the size and shape of the kitchen, the kitchen table chair set is taken. It is a subject that varies according to everyone's taste and contains many kinds. It contains many details, such as its raw material, shape, size and hand workmanship.

 Types of Kitchen Table Chair Sets

 There is a set of folding crushing white square kitchen table chair set. it is ideal for families of 4 people and for those who have a narrow kitchen. The table has dimensions of 90 cm - 90 cm in its open form. The seats of the chairs are covered with artificial leather. There are two color options, white and black. Thanks to the folding table, after you are done with the table, you can fold the table and chairs and put them aside so that they take up very little space.

 The bar table chair set has a kitchen dining table set set. It is an ideal set for families of two people and people with a narrow kitchen. It is a set consisting of a metal profile and a fiberboard lam table.

 There is a round white kitchen table chair set set. The folding table described above is the round shape of the table of the white square kitchen table chair set. thanks to its round table for 4 people and folding, it does not take up space.

 The living room table has a set of chairs for a kitchen dining table for 4 people. It is manufactured for use both in the living room and in the kitchen. The product is shipped disassembled, but its installation is quite simple. it consists of 4 chairs and a rectangular table. With its stylish appearance, it will become one of the magnificent parts of your home. as a family, our priority is to satisfy our valued customers. We are trying to produce quality products at an affordable price for you. To contact us, you can call us on 0533 141 14 45, visit our branch in Buca / Izmir or you can contact us by e-mail by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address.