Garden Foot

Garden Foot

Garden Foot


Gardens are spaces where people get air, gather as a family, and children play. Benches are needed to enjoy these areas. Garden benches are one of the factors that increase the comfort of gardens much more. As with any furniture, garden benches may wear out over time. Or the garden legs may be deformed.


 In these deformations , there is a need for spare garden feet . From time to time, you may need a bank aesthetic garden foot in your garden. In these and similar situations, will be your greatest helper. You can easily obtain the products suitable for all your needs from this address.


 Durability in Garden Foot Products


 For those who want to enjoy the garden, the garden feet are the most essential for benches. Likewise, another factor that is as important as the need for garden feet is the durability of the product. The more durable the product, the longer its lifespan. This is the most important factor that pleases users. You can easily find and buy the durable product you are looking for at


 Garden Standing Features


 There are some remarkable features that distinguish the garden foot product with a design that will add aesthetics to your bench. The garden stand that appeals to the eye is metal and has an aesthetic stance. The sitting height of the foot is 42 cm and it has the appropriateness to contribute to the provision of a pleasant sitting environment.


 Its back height is 42 cm and it is in ideal dimensions. The bank, where the product with a depth of 41 cm is used, is in a structure that will add significant comfort. There are 3 hole points in the seating area of ​​the product. On the back, there are 2 hole points. The product has fixing holes to the ground that facilitates the assembly.


 How is the product delivered to the address?


 There are some points that should be known in the purchase of bench legs, which are expressed as garden legs. The most important of these is that only the bank leg is sent for product purchases. The package sent includes 2 bench legs. The profile thickness of the product is 1.2 mm. It has a very suitable quality for everyone who is looking for an affordable product. The supply of the product is extremely easy and it is sent to the buyer quickly after the purchase.