Garden Coffee Table

Garden Coffee Table

A garden coffee table can be preferred next to a table or chairs in the gardens. For small gardens or balconies, the garden balcony coffee table is of more interest. Instead of narrowing the space with tables, more compact and convenient coffee table models are preferred. In this article you can find detailed information about the types of coffee tables for the garden.

Garden Zigon Coffee Table

Zigon coffee table models, which are one of the indispensable small furniture groups in residential buildings, also stand out as a garden furniture coffee table. Models consisting of 3-4 different sizes of coffee tables with interlacing are able to meet the need for tables in the garden and balconies.

There are different designs and models of Zigon coffee table models. Although coffee tables are usually rectangular in shape, there are also round, oval, wavy varieties with hearts. Wooden and glass models weigh more. They are made of wrought iron with metal or wooden legs.

Marble-looking garden zigon coffee table models create a different atmosphere for outdoor areas. The marble pattern with a black or white floor according to the color of the chairs makes an excellent combination. For those who emphasize elegance, there are models with chrome legs with a white body. These models consist of 4 interlocking coffee tables.

Garden Coffee Table Models

There is a wide range of models of garden coffee tables. There are models that respond to all kinds of needs and tastes. Among the models there are garden coffee table and garden side table varieties. We can list the garden coffee table models as follows;

1- Wooden coffee tables are the choice of those who do not give up the natural appearance of wood. Besides its natural color, white and cream colors are also available. it has Dec sizes from 40x40 cm to 60x90 cm. Its small models can be used as a side table. Under the large-sized ones there is another bottom table that allows you to put newspapers, magazines, accessories.

Although the legs of wooden coffee tables are made of wood, there are also wrought iron or aluminum foot options for those who want different styles. You can use folding models as both a table and a medium coffee table.

2- Plastic coffee tables; There are plastic table models for gardens and balconies, as well as various types of plastic garden tables. Plastic coffee tables are made of special polypropylene. They are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. Although there are different color options, white is the most preferred color.

Among the plastic coffee table models, wicker garden tables stand out. The appearance of wire mesh is given by plastic injection printing technique. For example, a wicker mesh or plain plastic garden table 50*50*40 it can meet the need as a by-product in cm sizes.

3- Glass coffee tables are the choice of those who cannot give up the shimmering and delicate feature of glass. It is sold in zigon and single form. there are models that you will use as a medium coffee table measuring 60x90 or as a 40x40 side garden coffee table. the top table can be completely glass, as well as there are models that are mounted on a metal, wooden frame.

4- Metal coffee tables; Garden furniture coffee table models with metal parts for outdoor areas are receiving more attention. Models with wrought iron, cast iron and aluminum bodies are used as a medium or garden service table. Due to the easy workability of aluminum, ease of use and light weight, commercial enterprises prefer aluminum garden coffee table varieties.  Although the body and legs of metal coffee tables are made of metal, their tables can be glass, solid, marble, wooden. You can choose one of the models that will fit your furniture, reflect your taste.

Making a Garden Table

If you can do carpentry work, you can make a wooden garden coffee table for your garden or balcony. You can buy it by cutting wood to the extent that you will use it from a carpenter or a building store. If you want to make a side table, it is enough that it measures 40x40x50, if you are going to make a middle table, it is 60x90x50 cm.

If you want to use your coffee table as a center table, a garden high coffee table measuring 70x90x70 cm will be enough. If you want to make your coffee table in a more economical way, you can buy two pallets from the places that sell second-hand pallets. You can remove the boards of the pallets and cut them to any extent you want. If you want the feet to be firm, you need four legs measuring at least 5x5 cm.

Cut four boards 10 cm smaller than the dimensions of the coffee table you are going to make. Attaching them to each other with glue and nails, form a frame. nail/screw the legs to the corners. Do not forget to apply glue. Decking the boards on the frame, leaving a gap of 1-2 cm between them according to your request. If you do not want the feet to stretch, you can make supports with thin slats.

Garden wooden Coffee Table

Wooden furniture and decoration products are of great interest in living quarters, as well as in outdoor areas such as the garden. Since the wishes and style of each user are different, garden table wooden designs are produced for every taste.

Wooden coffee tables can meet different needs according to the designs they are manufactured from. Depending on the dimensions, you can use it as a middle or side table. If you want high-design ones, you can also use them for the middle table intention. For those who can not give up wood and metal, wooden models with a metal body and legs will be of interest to you.

Coffee tables where you can put your drinks and small things in open areas are of great importance. Medium coffee tables for garden sets are one of the indispensable small furniture groups. You can choose one of the types of wooden, metal, glass, plastic coffee tables according to your wishes and needs.

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