garden chair sets

garden chair sets

There are different designs and sizes of garden chair sets that you can use in outdoor areas such as garden, balcony. You can choose one of the wooden, plastic, wrought iron, bamboo models according to your taste and needs. If you want to have your garden table economical, you can follow the discount campaigns, look at the second hand Sunday or make your own table.

Garden Chair Sets

Garden tables are sold single or in sets with chairs. And when you take it as a team, you're not looking for a chair. But if you bought a single table, you can go in search of a suitable chair for your table. There is a rich scale of chairs in this regard.

There are chair sets in various designs, from a double chair set to a 12-person team. Depending on whether the table is made of wood, plastic, metal, you can choose from a variety of wooden, plastic, metal chairs.

1- Wooden chairs; There are models that are specially handcrafted as they are fabricated. You can determine the fabric of the garden chair produced with armrests by yourself.

2- Plastic chairs; They are preferred by private and legal persons because they are light and economical. They are produced in different colors, with/without armrests. If you want to ensure a comfortable session, you can use mattresses and garden chair covers.


3- Metal chairs; They are made of wrought iron. Although there are simple models, they usually have special processing. They are combined with tables with metal parts. There are models with and without armrests.

4- Aluminum chairs; They are long-lasting, durable, lightweight and very convenient. They are known as cafe garden chairs with indoor and outdoor space. You can use it with or without cushions.

Prices for Garden Plastic Chairs

Plastic chair models are mostly preferred by residential buildings and businesses. Prices for plastic chairs vary depending on the quality of the plastic used, its color, whether it is with or without armrests. The price can also increase due to the fact that the chair is plain, wicker embroidered.

The price of a simple plastic Dec with no armrests varies between 50-200 TL. The price of a simple plastic chair with armrests starts from 100 TL. Wicker Decked, colorful comfortable garden chair use model prices range from 200-500 TL.

Prices for folding plastic chairs start from 112 TL. Plastic body metal plastic chair models are of particular interest as garden type chairs. The prices for these models Dec from 90-200 TL.

Garden Chair Iron

Among the garden tables there is a place for iron models. There are those who experience the weight and nobility of iron as a table and garden chair iron. Usually, iron garden chairs are made with special embroidery. Chairs have special embroideries, figures, whether with or without armrests. The back areas are made up of figures such as peacocks, daisies, mussel shells, roses, vines.

Iron chairs have electrostatic paints. They are more resistant to environmental conditions. They can be sold in teams from two people to twelve people. Chairs are sold without cushions. If you want to ensure a comfortable and cozy session, you can buy mattresses from places that sell garden balcony chair accessories.

Garden Table Chair for 12 People

For crowded neighbors or families, garden table sets for 12 people are ideal. You can easily place chairs, sit down, without getting stuck. there is a rich variety of colors, designs and models in the garden table sets for 12 people. Plastic table and chair sets are more preferred for crowded environments.

The reasons for choosing plastic tables and chairs are that they are light, convenient, and have a long service life. Those who do not compromise on the appearance and quality of wood prefer wooden models. among Dec wooden models for 12 people there are oval and rectangular varieties.

among the wooden table sets for 12 people, the Deckable models stand out. In non-crowded situations, the table is closed, saving space.

You can arrange your chairs yourself, whether your garden table is wooden, metal or plastic. Plastic chairs stand out on garden tables. In terms of price, they can be bought in larger numbers than they are suitable for compared to others.

The Cheapest Garden Table Chair

There are ways to get garden tables and chairs economically. The first of them is that you make your own table, take your chair from a plastic model. secondly, the cheapest way to buy a garden chair is to buy it at a second-hand Sunday. On the Internet, you can study the used chairs that are sold on different sites, buy those that will see your need.

On the Internet, there are ads from the owner under the name of second hand garden chair. You can study them, bargain for reliable and available ones.

Thirdly, the way to make chairs cheap is to follow the sites of manufacturers. You can get outlet or production surplus chairs at an affordable price.

Garden chairs are an indispensable part of garden tables. If you want to ensure a comfortable and comfortable session, you can choose from a wide variety.

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