Demounted Chair

Demounted Chair

A chair is one of the items that people use in their daily lives in their homes. When it comes to the dining table when the guest arrives, the table chair coffee table-style products used to accommodate the guest are the indispensable materials of daily life.

 Indispensable Furniture Items

 The most used and most preferred product in furniture items is the chair. When it comes to its place, it is used very often on special occasions alone when it comes to its place at the dinner table. However, due to the fact that the chairs take up physical space in terms of transportation, shipping and transportation, recently they have been sold as demounted chairs, both sellers and users are more interested in them. Users reach their hands by going to the store or disassembling the chairs they bought by liking from the website. Then the chairs, which are not difficult to assemble at all, are joined by the users and ready for use.

 Why is the Chair Demounted ?

 One of the purposes of demounted chairs is that sellers physically store chairs in their stores only for display purposes, and because they store other chairs in a demounted way, space is also saved in terms of storage. However, the price of a demounted chair is more affordable than other chairs. Because the assembly work has not been added on the demounted chair. It is becoming more economical to buy a demounted chair from the point of view of people who buy it.

 Buying a demounted chair has also been one of the products that make life quite easy for sellers. For example, a manufacturer who ordered chairs from a distant city had to pay more time, more labor, and more shipping fees to get these chairs to the person who bought them. In addition, the price that the buyer would pay for the chair was also increasing due to installation and cargo reasons. However, after the production of demounted chairs was started, the time elapsed during the assembly stage was shortened, and because it took up less space in the cargo, there was a decrease in the shipping fees of demounted chairs. Of course, this has become an advantage for users, and as a result, a relationship of mutual interest has occurred from the point of view of both the user and the seller.

 As a result, the production and sale of disassembled chairs has become very advantageous both for manufacturers, from the point of view of sellers, and from the point of view of users.