Coffee Table

Coffee Table

A coffee table is a piece of furniture that can be of small and large sizes, which is usually used in living rooms. It is categorized into zigon coffee table, middle table and side table. Coffee table models that support the decoration of the house serve different purposes according to the wishes of the user. In this context, the coffee table can be used to put food and drinks on it, to arrange flowers, or to create a space from small items.

In Which Parts of the House Is the Coffee Table Used?

A coffee table is a product that is suitable for use in the vast majority of indoor and outdoor spaces for its intended use. However, it is seen that it is mainly used in living room, living room, office and balconies. Examples of coffee tables in the living room are usually found as the middle coffee table. Medium coffee tables are suitable for a large area in the middle of the living room group. The height of such coffee tables is usually preferred at low values. Fake flowers, candlesticks, fruit baskets, key chains, books, magazines and other items are placed on the middle table.

The middle coffee tables are functionally superior to other coffee table models. In this regard, the middle coffee table can turn into a large dining table or a work desk thanks to the fact that it opens and closes. It is also a common occurrence that drawer details and the coffee table table can be removed in such models. Along with these details, the middle coffee table also serves as a storage space, rather than a piece of furniture on which the product is placed.

A type of coffee table that is often used indoors also attracts attention as a zigon. Zigon coffee tables are usually sold in nested sets. Since these products do not take up much space, they are also allowed for use in confined spaces. The main purpose of the zigon coffee table is that drinks such as tea and coffee and snacks in small portions can be placed on it. Zigon coffee table models are especially useful when crowded guests are being accommodated.

The last product in the coffee table category is the side table models. These pieces, which are often confused with the zigon coffee table, are usually sold as single pieces and occupy a larger space in terms of size than the zigon coffee tables. Side tables are used more as part of home decoration than as snacks and drinks. The products that side tables are most often used with are small photo frames, flower pots and souvenirs.

Changing the Coffee Table Color

Coffee tables, which are an indispensable part of home decoration, can be produced using different materials from each other. In this context, although wooden coffee table visuals are the most common model, these furniture can be produced with all kinds of materials. The majority of the coffee table contents that are on the market and are in great demand are composed of chipboard, MDF, metal, glass and leather materials.

In today's world, production and consumption continue to increase at the same rate. As a result of this, people get bored of things immediately and enter into new searches. It is also possible to make a coffee table renovation process by taking a little time depending on the material it is produced from. For this, you can get help from water-based paints or paints that are advertised as acrylic.

Coffee table painting is an activity that consists of three stages. In this regard, after sanding the furniture to be painted, respectively, painting and varnishing operations are performed. It is possible to apply different painting techniques according to the person's request. The most popular of these techniques are known as stencil, tumbling and decoupage.

Stencil is the processing of a ready-made stencil on furniture. Both brush and spray paints can be used in this painting technique. The aging technique, on the other hand, as the name implies, allows the furniture to have a vintage look. In this technique, the brush is dipped in paint and then wiped with a napkin. If there is a small amount of paint remaining in the brush on the furniture, it is applied only once and the process is continued in this order. Decoupage, on the other hand, is a technique applied in a similar way as stencil. Only here it is necessary to glue the ready-made decoupage papers to the furniture with glue.

Dimensions of the Coffee Table

The dimensions of the coffee table are indicated in the form of width, depth, height and age. However, in different designed and recessed protruding coffee tables, these dimensions are more detailed. The size of the coffee table varies depending on which category of coffee table the product is in and for what purpose it will be used. Zigon coffee tables sold in sets are usually produced with a width of 45 – 60 centimeters. However, because they are intertwined, the height of the coffee table increases from the bottom table to the top one. Side table dimensions also follow a similar December with zigon coffee tables. However, for medium coffee tables, it is possible to encounter quite different values in terms of size than for zigon and side tables.

Coffee Table Installation and Product Prices

Home and office furniture is usually delivered to the buyer in such a way that its parts are separated and disassembled. It is at this point that it often happens that it is agreed with a master for the installation of large furniture. But coffee tables are furniture products that can be considered small. So, the installation of a coffee table can also be done at home alone with a few pieces of material.

The basic materials to be used in the installation of the coffee table are included in the product package. Among these parts; There are coffee table Dec, product legs and screw, shelf, drawer-style accessories. There is also a fairly high probability that there will be a scheme in the package that describes the installation.  A screwdriver is usually enough for furniture installation. But it is also possible for those who want to reduce the time of work and the energy spent to get support from charged drills.

Coffee table prices, although they are discounted on a December basis, appear at different intervals. At this point; material quality and coffee table functions are the main elements that determine prices. The middle tables included in the category usually have more advanced features and are also considered large in size. In other words, if it is necessary to make a generalization, it can be said that the middle tables are somewhat more expensive compared to the zigon and side tables. Coffee tables can be made of all kinds of materials such as wood, chipboard, glass and leather. Among them, Decking and MDF are considered much more affordable than furniture made with natural products.

Things to Consider When Buying a Coffee Table

When buying a coffee table at home or at work, it is usually aimed at a long-lasting and durable use. For this reason, there are some points that should be considered when buying a coffee table. The fact that the coffee table is made of a durable material reduces the risk of deformation that may occur over time. The fact that the feet are made of steel and durable metal also extends the service life of the product.

The dimensions and design features of the coffee table are the points that should be looked at after the strength. Like other items taken into the house, the coffee table should provide a whole with the furniture located in the interior. The fact that the color and material harmonize with other furniture is a point that should not be ignored Dec Otherwise, large incompatibilities can be caught even in a small-sized part.

Although there is no width and depth measurement on the zigon coffee table and side tables, the height measurement should be extremely careful. In particular, the c and z side tables must comply with the seat height. In the C coffee table model, the coffee table legs are brought under the seat. Therefore, the coffee table table and the seat cushion are also tangent to each other. Side tables that are high or low cannot provide the comfort that the buyer wants because they are incompatible with the seat. The fact that the coffee table legs are firmly pressed to the floor is also the last detail to be considered about this furniture. It is quite possible that the food and drinks on the coffee table will shake when the feet are unstable or an installation error has been made.