Camping Bed

Camping Bed

Among the must-have Dec of tent camps are a camping bed and a camping mat. Campers can use either of these two products according to their travel and storage situations. Offering a more comfortable use and managing to give the feeling of being at home, camping beds are offered to the service of those who need them with different models and options.  

What is a Camping Bed?

A camping bed is an equipment that is often used by campers and travelers. Common types of mattresses are inflated using air. This air also provides the Decking and thermal insulation between the floor surface and the body. The people who use the camp bed most often are; nature athletes, hikers, campers, travelers and budget conscious travelers. The camping bed provides the user with a comfortable sleeping and sitting area. During sleep, it prevents the body temperature from dropping excessively due to its insulation. Because air is one of the best insulating materials according to simple physical rules.

There are many different types of camping beds on the market that can meet all needs. It is also common at this point that the camp bed is confused with sleeping mats. The main difference between a sleeping mat and a Deckchair is that the sleeping mat consists of a foam material no more than a few centimeters thick. Such mats can not be inflated and filled with air. Therefore, they cannot provide thermal insulation.

How to Inflate a Camping Bed?

In terms of the ability of the camping bed to be inflated, they are divided into two types: manual and self-inflating beds. Accordingly, camping mattresses that are inflated by hand need a pressure that will come from the outside to inflate. This pressure is usually achieved by using a camp bed inflation pump. Thanks to the hole located at the end of the camp beds, the pump is attached to the bed and the inflation process begins. Depending on the size of the camp bed and the pump, the inflation process will be completed in an average of 5 to 10 minutes.

Self-inflating camping beds are more preferred by people traveling without a vehicle. These bearings have a high volume valve at the end. Thanks to this valve, the bed fills with air spontaneously without the need for manual intervention. Self-inflating camping mattresses are quite light and large enough to be carried in a backpack. In this connection, the weight of the beds in question is maximum700- 800 grams.

What Characteristics Should a Good Camping Bed Have?

A good camp bed should be built to meet the physical characteristics of the person. However, in order to obtain the expected performance from the camp bed, the structure of the land where the product will be used and the seasonal conditions should also be taken into account. Accordingly, in hot weather and on flat terrain, even a few inches of a camping mat will be enough. But on rough terrain and in cold weather it is necessary to use a thick camping mattress. The camp bed both prevents the physical pain of the floor surface and helps to maintain body temperature.

Using the camping bed alone may not be enough at some times. For this, it is necessary to purchase a camping bed, as well as bed accessories suitable for the need. Examples of these accessories include an inflatable pillow, a neck pillow, and a sleeping bag. As a result, the ideal camping bed; the structure of the land located varies depending on the seasonal weather conditions and the physical characteristics of the person using the bed.

The dimensions of the camp bed vary depending on whether the bed is a double or a single bed. In this regard, single beds usually have a maximum size of 70 centimeters. It is possible to encounter variable December in double camping beds. a double camping bed with a width of 120 centimeters can be found, as well as a bed with a width of 140 centimeters can be found. However, these values are the measurements of the camping bed produced for adults. Since the in question is a baby camping bed, the dimensions naturally decrease somewhat.

What Should Be Considered When Buying a Camping Bed?

Although the camp bed is considered a simple device, it is a kind of product that should be treated with care when buying. In this context, it is necessary to examine the characteristics such as transportation, weight, inflatable properties, comfort, function and insulation of the camp bed receivables. Before shopping, it is necessary to decide where to use the camping bed and what performance is expected from the bed.

The most ideal product for a trip that requires long walks is considered to be a thin camping bed. Beds of this type are quite convenient to carry in a backpack, as they have a light structure. Moreover, although it is thin, it also helps to minimize the discomfort that will be felt due to the floor. However, in mountain camps, in cold weather and on active trips, the camp bed is expected to be relatively more comfortable. Camping beds that can be considered thick on such trips; It helps to relax, improves sleep quality and prevents problems such as chills.

If a tent is to be used for accommodation during camping and other trips, the camping bed and tent must necessarily be compatible in terms of size. Otherwise, the bed may not fit in the tent or there may be too much free space left in the tent. For this reason, before buying a camping bed, it is necessary to find out the base dimensions of the tent to be used. Since there are no problems with transportation and storage on trips traveled by car, it is possible to act more freely when choosing a camping bed. In this regard, it is best to take advantage of double-sided and thick beds that can be used in summer and winter.

A common feature of camping equipment such as tents, chairs, tables and camp beds is that they are suitable for repair. The biggest problem of the camping beds among them is that they can be Decked. Even the slightest hole drilled in the bed will cause loss of air until you fall asleep and wake up. In such cases, the inflatable mattress repair kit comes to the aid of the user. Thanks to the products included in the repair kit, the repair of the camp bed can be completed in a short time. The holes in the bearing are clogged with suitable products and air loss is prevented from there.

Prices for Camping Beds

Prices for camp beds range widely between minimum and maximum values Dec At this point, many factors that cause prices to increase or decrease are noticeable. The brand, model, size and height of the bed are the biggest factors on the prices of the camping bed. As the size and thickness of the bed increase, the comfort of use and the insulation property improve. Therefore, the prices for beds of this type are relatively higher than for others.

Manual inflation of camping beds or automatic self-inflation is another feature that affects prices. In this regard, it can be seen that manual inflators from two products connected to the same brand are sold at a more affordable price than automatic inflating camping beds. For manually inflating beds, it is necessary to take an extra inflating pump outside the camp bed. At this point, users should do a price and performance analysis before choosing any product.

Camping mats are also products that are occasionally included in the camping mattress category. In this context, low-budget users or people with storage and transportation problems can use the camping mats with peace of mind. However, it is extremely wrong to expect performance from camp mats taken from a camp bed. Mats may not be enough for trips in winter and in mountainous terrain due to their thin structure. Since these products are not inflated with air, they also do not affect the body temperature lost during sleep. Therefore, as long as there is transportation and storage space, camping beds provide a greater comfort area than mats.