A storage space is needed for books, movies or similar art products in the house, office, school and any conceivable space. In accordance with this need, bookcases both serve as storage and add elegance to the decoration of the environment. In this regard, in order to collect the products at hand and give a design touch to the corresponding space you can view the library category at our address.

What is a Bookshelf?

A bookcase is a type of furniture consisting of a large number of horizontal shelves. It allows books and similar printed materials to be usually arranged vertically and maintain an orderly appearance. When it comes to libraries, city and school libraries come to mind first. But thanks to the bookshelf in one part of the house or offices it is possible to create a small library.

The bookcase, although it may seem like a simple piece of furniture, can be of quite different designs. In this context, it is possible to encounter numerous products made of all colors and materials. If it is necessary to make a rough classification between them, bookcases can be divided into two types: Decked and uncapped. Furniture with a lid prevents the products placed here from being affected by dust circulating in the air. Thanks to the lidless shelves, a stylish look can be achieved in the space.

How Should the Bookshelf Dimensions Be?

The size of the bookshelf is more a matter of the area where the furniture is planned to be placed than a standard value. In this context, if there is a suitable space in the room where the bookshelf will be placed, the bookshelf should be measured to fit this space. If the area in question allows for a large space, the bookshelf dimensions can also be made large and spaced. In narrower spaces, it is recommended that the furniture consists of a large number of shelves. In this way, the storage space is evaluated in the most efficient way and the bookshelf can receive more products thanks to the previously calculated shelves.

If there is a serious space problem in the area where the library is needed, there is also a solution for this. At this point, it is necessary to prefer bookshelf models that can be mounted directly to the wall. Thanks to the thin shelves mounted on the wall, it is possible to maintain a tidy appearance even in small rooms and narrow spaces.

How is the Library Setup and Editing Done?

Recently purchased furniture is delivered to homes and offices in disassembled form. However, thanks to the items included in the delivery package, even someone who has never installed it before can install a library. For the installation of the bookshelf, it is necessary to first remove the shelf, screws and similar basic materials contained in the furniture package. Then it is possible to start the assembly with a small drill with a charge.

When assembling a bookshelf or other furniture similar to it, the installation diagram is usually included in the delivery package. The product installation diagram describes step-by-step what work needs to be done. In this regard, even very complex library parts can be combined and used in a short time.

The bookshelf creates a very pleasant atmosphere in the place where it is used. At this point, it is necessary to complete the library editing job in a planned manner. It is very important for the user that the products placed in the library are placed in a certain order. Because books that have a certain layout are easier to find when they are searched for. In this context, it is possible to sort books according to name order, author order and size.

Books can be found directly at the desired moment, when they are placed on the shelves in order of name and author. If it is sorted by a physical property such as size, the library layout looks more perfect from the outside. Thus, books of equal length are in the same order, and a possible complex image is also avoided.

What Materials Is the Bookshelf Made Of?

The materials used mainly in the furniture sector can be listed as MDF, chipboard and wood. At this point, most of the products offered for sale in the bookshelf category are also made from the listed materials. The furniture material called MDF is an artificial product obtained as a result of engineering studies. MDF, also known as composite wood, has an external appearance quite similar to chipboard.

Chipboard is obtained as a result of pressing wood chips by mixing them with chemical combiners. If a comparison is made with MDF, it is considered that fiberboard is more resistant to water or moisture-like effects. However, the use of chipboard or MDF does not allow you to directly comment on whether the library is intact. At this point, many details such as production, brand value and workmanship should be reviewed.  

The most natural furniture material is considered to be wood. In a wooden furniture, the bearing parts are usually made up of wooden parts. Thanks to this, the durability is increased. However, it is not necessary to use wood partitions, that is, solid material. It is also common that these parts are made of MDF. Using wood all over the furniture is usually not a preferred situation. Because wood, due to its natural structure, can bend and bend over time.

How is the Bookshelf Painting Done?

Recently, interest in the current of painting old furniture has been steadily growing. In this regard, libraries that are suitable for painting can also be converted to a new form after a little processing. Thanks to this process, which can also be called library renewal, all products that are no longer liked can be overhauled.

There are basically three steps to painting furniture. These steps can be listed as sanding, painting and varnishing. The surface to be painted with sandpaper is smoothed at the first stage. At this time, it is recommended to use sponge sanding for large furniture, and paper sanding for narrower areas. At the second stage, the first coat of painting is performed on the surface that is smoothed by sanding. The products used for painting furniture are called acrylic paints, and there are paints of different brands on the market.

The subtlety of painting furniture is that the paint is done in two layers. But at this point, it is absolutely necessary not to apply the second coat before the paint applied to the first coat dries. There are different brush techniques that can be used during painting. For this reason, having several brushes of different sizes helps to move more comfortably during the process.

After the sanding and painting steps have been successfully completed, it is necessary to use varnish. Thanks to the varnish, both the furniture surface acquires a smooth appearance and the service life of the paint is extended. It is possible to make a matte or glossy finish with varnish. For this, there is an opportunity to use both liquid and spray varnishes.

Library Prices

Bookshelf prices are listed in different ways depending on the furniture material, the number of shelves and the overall design of the bookshelf. In this context, it is seen that furniture made of wood (solid) material is more expensive than MDF and chipboard when a general judgment is reached. There is a similar price difference Dec chipboard and MDF. In this regard, MDF is considered a more expensive product than chipboard. Bookcases consisting of plain and flat shelves are priced according to their size. But as for the library, users are offered a wide range of prices. So it is possible to purchase bookcases to fit every budget and requirement.

There are numerous options for the bookshelf. Among them, library model products with standard shelves are the most Dec preferred. But it is also possible to come across interesting designs that carry more modern lines. However, issues such as expectations, color and model of furniture design vary from person to person. Naturally, library prices cannot be interpreted according to an average value.