Beach Umbrella

Beach Umbrella

The sun is an indispensable source of energy for earth's life, as well as having very beneficial effects on the human body. But especially in the summer, solar lights have a scorching effect. For this reason, people have resorted to ways to escape from the sun and protect themselves from time to time throughout history. Umbrellas are located at the beginning of the products used to protect against sunlight and hot weather.

A beach umbrella is a part of the category of awnings and awnings. As the name implies, this product is usually needed at the edges of the sea, pool and other conceivable water. Umbrellas, designed primarily to escape the rain, have been developed over time and have also started to be used for sun protection.

What Should Be Considered When Buying a Beach Umbrella?

A beach umbrella is a product that can be used both on an individual and corporate basis. In this regard, it is a must-buy product, especially for those who go to public beaches. In addition to personal use, business owners are also the most frequent users of the beach umbrella. In this regard, the beach umbrellas located outside the enterprises that are open on the edge of the beach attract attention.

The main details that should be considered when buying a beach umbrella are the size of the umbrella, the quality of the fabric and the fastening mechanism. Sun umbrellas are produced in different sizes depending on how many people they will be used by. In this context, it is possible to find umbrellas suitable for use for 4 – 5 people as well as a single-person sun umbrella. In order to be adequately protected from the sun and have a beautiful shade area, an umbrella of the appropriate size must necessarily be selected.

The purpose of using the beach umbrella is to break the solar lights and the temperature caused by it. For this reason, beach umbrella fabrics are specially produced. These fabrics, which have similar qualities to tarpaulin tarpaulins, are also quite strong in terms of durability. Beach umbrellas are very important not only for adults, but also for children. Accordingly, thanks to umbrellas, children with sensitive skin are also protected.

Beach umbrellas basically consist of two or 3 parts. These parts are the fabric part of the umbrella, the beach umbrella pole, the pile or the can. The purpose of using the parts called piles or umbrella bins is the same. Thanks to these two parts, the umbrella pole is fixed on the sandy ground. Thus, the umbrella is kept in the air and does not overturn, also providing resistance against a possible wind. If the beach umbrella is to be used in an area other than the seaside, a bin should be preferred instead of a pile for fixing. Because there may not be enough space for piles on balconies and gardens.

How to Install a Beach Umbrella?

The beach umbrella can be opened and made ready for use quite simply. For this, first of all, the area where the umbrella will be installed is determined, and then the work is started with the umbrella parts. There are two different options that can be used to fix the beach umbrella to the floor. These options are using an umbrella stake or buying an umbrella canister.

An umbrella stake, as the name implies, is a product that sticks to the sand floor. Accordingly, a small hollow should be made in the sand to be able to stab the stake in the hand. After the pile is inserted into the opened cavity, it is necessary to close it tightly by filling it with sand again. After that, the beach umbrella is opened and the section on the pole is put on the pile.

The canister used to fix the beach umbrella actually consists of a weight that the pole can be passed through. After the umbrella can is placed on a flat floor, it is placed directly in the section reserved for it and tightened. A beach umbrella clamping device can also be used for this. The installation of a beach umbrella with both a pile and a canister can be completed in a fairly short time and effortlessly.

What Are the Models of Beach Umbrellas?

The category of beach umbrellas includes a large number of colors and model options. At this point, the models vary according to the patterned umbrella fabrics, umbrella sizes and fixing options. The beach umbrella fabric has a mostly circular cut in geometric terms. But it is also possible to come across models of angular beach umbrellas.

The section of beach umbrellas, starting from the floor and ending with the extreme point of the fabric, is called the pole height. This height can start from 2.35 centimeters and reach up to 2.80 centimeters. As the height of the beach umbrella increases, its weight usually increases. In this regard, the weight of an average beach Dec varies between 10 and 13 kilograms.

Beach umbrella models are most often distinguished by the color and pattern of the fabric. In this regard, it can be seen that light-colored fabrics are more in demand because they do not shed light. But it is also possible to purchase beach umbrellas with dark shades, such as black and navy blue.

Where Is the Beach Umbrella Sold?

The beach umbrella is a full-price performance product both in terms of ease of use and in terms of its benefits to the person. For this reason, it is a frequently purchased product for use on the sea and pool sides, balconies and gardens. Naturally, people are also looking for answers to the questions of where the beach umbrella is sold. A beach umbrella is a product sold in large grocery stores, shopping centers, and some sports stores. But one of the simplest and most effortless ways to buy a beach umbrella is to take advantage of electronic trading sites.

Detailed information is usually provided about the beach umbrellas offered for sale in digital media. In this context, it is useful to get information about the product fabric and other technical characteristics through the site. Thanks to this, it is possible to purchase the product that is most suitable for yourself, your family or your business.

In terms of its advantages, the beach umbrella is a must-buy item for summer holidays and outdoor lovers. Especially for those who have sensitive skin, factor sunscreens have a supportive structure. Moreover, large storage spaces are not needed because they are folded after use. Fabrics specially produced for sun umbrellas also have a long service life.

Types and Prices of Beach Umbrellas

Beach umbrellas, which minimize the scorching effect of hot weather, are of great interest for both personal and corporate purposes. In this regard, the umbrellas of different sizes and models released on the market have a wide price scale. Different factors are taken into account when pricing beach umbrellas.

The most widely used beach umbrellas have the property of gabardine fabric and are priced according to the number of wires. In this context, the garden beach umbrella has names such as 8 wire or 10 wire. As the number of wires increases, an increase in the size of the beach umbrella occurs. Therefore, more wires means a higher price. However, which brand the beach umbrella is produced by also has an impact on this point.

In beach umbrella models, the ones encountered outside the gabardine fabric are in the form of cotton and polyester fabric. Depending on which of these fabrics is used in the product, there may also be an increase or decrease in price. A condition that is included in the price of a beach umbrella is also product accessories. In this regard, low amounts are paid if the beach umbrella is taken alone. However, buying a beach umbrella can will cause this fee to rise. The larger the volume of these bins used for fixing purposes, the higher the price. It is also useful to consider the weight of the umbrella when choosing a beach umbrella for the volume of the can. Prices for beach umbrellas start from 100 TL and go up to 1500 TL. Therefore, it is impossible to give an average value for these products.