Bar Table

Bar Table

Bar tables are suitable for various uses with their stylish designs. It is used especially for the purpose of making narrow spaces more useful. Bar tables, known as bistro tables, are distinguished from other tables by being higher. Due to its availability both indoors and outdoors, it is considered one of the products that will not go out of fashion with different designs and models.

Standard Dimensions of the Bar Table

Bar tables can be used in many areas in different sizes. In general, tables that are short in width but long in length are known as bar tables. For standard sizes of bar tables, the height should be at least 90 centimeters. However, this length may decrease in special productions.

Bar tables are one of the products that can be produced in different ways. Square, rectangular Dec round types are among the most used varieties. These types of tables are produced depending on the area of their use. Alcohol tables are usually rectangular in shape, while home-use bar tables are square in shape. In addition, ease of use is highly preferred in 70x70 cm dimensions.

The dimensions of the kitchen bar table are determined as 74 cm as standard and the productions are made in this way. In order for the kitchens to have more space and usable space, various decorations can be made by finding suitable chairs. Although the height of the kitchen bar table is close to normal, the width is larger than the indoor tables.

The living room bar table can be preferred in different ways depending on the location of the table. For convenience, when choosing a dining or living table, tables that are wider in width and shorter in length should be used. The types of lobby bar tables that are leaning against the wall and made for alcohol consumption should have higher heights and be used with the right chairs. In this way, it is ensured that the halls have a more stylish and spacious appearance.

The answer to the question of how tall is the bar table that everyone is wondering is given as an average of Dec0-90 cm. But especially the tables used in houses and interiors are of special production. It is designed by the relevant companies in a measured way in order to ensure the width of the space and evaluate small areas.

Bar tables are suitable for renting for different areas. Rectangular and square tables are used for fewer people, as round tables are suitable for a wider audience. Their maximum length is about 50 cm on small tables, about 100-150 cm on round tables and about 2 meters on wide rectangular tables.

Bar Table Rental

Bar tables are highly preferred for many invitations, celebrations, special occasions and venue rentals. Although bar table rental is usually done between institutions, it is also a situation that people who own a garden can easily do.

The dimensions of the rented bar table and chair are compatible with each other. It should be noted that both heights are equal when combined with other suits according to individual tastes. In this way, Dec stylish appearance and comfort are provided together.

The robustness of the rental bar tables should be checked. It can cause food and drinks on the rocking tables to spill out. The material of the table should be as desired, the measure should be in sufficient comfort is the most important issue in the rental process.

If the rented tables do not have the desired pattern, they can adapt to the concept with the help of a cover. In order not to lose the shape of the table, the covers used should be short or collected from under the table. In this way, a more stylish and lively appearance is obtained and an environment is created that wins the admiration of the guests.

Bar tables are ideal for groups of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 people. Keeping the table length not too large allows people to be close to each other, while keeping it large helps maintain social distance. For groups of friends, a closer distance is preferred, while larger tables are ideal for formal settings and business meetings.

Bar Table Dwg

It is very important that the file is in dwg format when preparing a special order. Dwg is a format that both simplifies design and shows details in production. When preparing a bar table in the form of a dwg file, it is easier to decide on its compatibility with a chair.

Dwg files also show the finished version of the tables with lines and tell you how to have a posture in the areas to be used. It also shows how multiple tables stand side by side and how chairs should be placed. It reduces the workload by ensuring that the decor to be made after the production stage is determined in advance.

Dwg files are more commonly used in drawings made for narrow spaces. It ensures that the wall projections and the tables to be placed in the recesses are produced in accordance with the exact size. It is also widely used by graduates of the department of interior designers and industrial design, as it is a technical drawing.

Palleten Bar Table

The difference between bar tables made of pallets and other tables is that they are wooden. Lovers of natural surroundings, people who want to create a soft space with coffee tones prefer a paletten bar table. Wooden tables are used, which are more difficult for food and drinks to deform, especially in areas that will be available to customers.

Wooden tables used in bars are aimed at creating a more intimate atmosphere. It manifests itself thanks to coffee shades, wooden tables, which facilitate the provision of both alcohol consumption and psychological comfort. In addition, wooden tables that do not tend to hold dirt are also quite easy to clean.

Pallet bar tables are preferred by many interior designers as a decoration product. Tables that can both harmonize in colorful environments and create a dim environment serve as a complement. It aims to reach a wide customer base by achieving a warm appearance thanks to its texture details.

Wooden bar tables have many features besides their appearance. The first of them is that it can be easily processed if a mismatch appears on the tables made for special designs. When it loses its brightness, its appearance at the first moment can be achieved with the help of a varnish. In addition, it is quite easy to repair if there are problems with any parts.

Pallet bar tables are usually used as 50x150 cm. It is also suitable for arrangements made in bars because it has stylish looks. Since their height varies between Dec00-110 centimeters, they easily adapt to the desired concept.

Rattan Bar Table

Bar tables made of rattan are one of the most preferred models, as they have a mesh shape. Although their prices are higher than wooden and metal tables, they are more durable and durable products. In addition, it is produced in a recyclable way and becomes more beneficial to the environment.

The rattan bar table has many features. The first of these features is that it can be easily used in both external and internal areas. It does not wear out due to its flexible fabric that does not moisturize. It is very preferred in commercial areas, home gardens, pool areas because it can be used easily in hot and cold weather. It is the most suitable bar table for people who always want elegance and comfort together, who stay away from Decency and vivid colors.

Tables made using rat occupy an important place in the decorations. In addition to making the environment look far from cliched designs and more stylish, it is also refreshing with its colors. It does not create problems such as discoloration, wear and tear in the face of UV rays. In this way, even on tables that are left outside for a long time, long-term use is guaranteed.

A glass can be added to the surface to facilitate cleaning on bar tables that appear in the form of a mesh. In order to be more resistant to wind due to its light weight, a lower pedestal is created using stainless metals and aluminum. In this way, it makes it easier to maintain its balance and prevents the spilling of food and drinks on the table.