Balcony Table

Balcony Table

Balcony Table

One of the most important parts of our homes is our balconies. It has become the street of our homes, where we breathe in summer and winter, especially in the last period of the pandemic and where we are happy during the times of restrictions. With the epidemic, closed or open balconies have started to be turned into a room concept and space decorations have begun to be made in this direction. Of course, the importance of balcony furniture has increased considerably in this period when the interior wall paints of the balcony were mostly made of parquet.


 Balcony Furniture


 The technology of turning it into an open balcony, which is called a glass balcony, which turns into a room by closing all the windows when desired, and which can be opened by folding if desired, is used in a wide range. For this reason , the concept of furniture tables used as balcony tables has shifted to a different direction. Thanks to its more ergonomic, practical and rich dimensions, our products that can be installed on all balconies are offered to our users. 


 How should the table be chosen according to the balcony dimensions?


 Balconies are made in accordance with the square meters of the houses. Therefore, primarily the use of balconies; form and type of use should be decided. If a glass balcony, which is called a winter balcony, is to be used, the balcony table is selected as the second step, taking into account the dimensions of the balcony. 

 For balconies with narrow dimensions, a folding balcony table with folding wings should be preferred.

 In this way, the usage area always remains wide and makes the space more useful. Specially designed tables should be considered for balconies in the shape of a half moon. 


 What are the Table Types and Cleaning Suggestions?


 The materials used for the table actually take over the user guide of the table. Detergent should not be used for wooden tables and should be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Cleaning materials can be used for tables made with chipboard or more processed materials. It would be appropriate to examine the descriptions of our products for which you have the correct prescription in detail and to act according to the information here. In this sense, our expert staff will meticulously answer all your requests, questions or suggestions before or after sales. 


 Another important item to be considered in balcony tables is that if only a table is to be purchased, the dimensions of the chairs that will accompany this table will be measured with the table dimensions. Because some chairs are cafe or bar type chairs and will remain quite higher than the table size.