4 Person Garden Table

4 Person Garden Table

The garden table is one of the indispensable items for detached houses or those who have a garden. A table to be thrown into the garden will allow you to sit outdoors. There are wooden, metal, plastic garden table types that you can place in the garden. You can also make your own table. In this article , you can find detailed information about the garden table chair .


4 Person Garden Table

A table set up under a tree, canopy, vine in the garden will allow you to relieve all the tiredness and stress of the day. If you are not a large family, if you do not have many guests, the garden table for 4 will be enough for you. You can sit outdoors with your family or with your guests in the greenery.


There is a rich variety of garden tables for 4 people. You can choose the one that suits your dreams from square, rectangular, circle, oval-shaped wood, plastic, bamboo, metal varieties. You can find a table according to the size of your garden and your economic situation. You can also choose from folding table models for small gardens.


How to Make a Garden Table?

If you are into carpentry work, you can also make your own garden table. There is a lot of information on the Internet about garden table DIY and garden table chair . You can learn how to make a table by watching one of the videos.


First of all, you need to decide on the shape of your table. Are you going to make a rectangle or a square? You can also make it in the form of a circle for more sitting area. You buy boards from the carpenter or DIY store according to the size of your table. You need to adjust the garden table leg according to the size of the table . You can buy L-shaped boards, or you can buy square or round feet.


The minimum dimensions of the table you will build in the garden should be 80x120 cm. You are creating a frame on which you will place the boards. Screw 4 boards vertically by applying glue between them. You can hammer nails if you want. You screw the boards onto the frame you prepared. You can leave a gap of 1-2 cm between each board. Finally, you can turn the table upside down and nail the feet to the inner corners of the frame. You can pull another row of boards under the frame so that the feet do not wobble. You can make the table durable with a wooden-looking yacht varnish.


Garden Table for 8 Persons

There are 8-person garden table types and models for large families. It is difficult to find folding garden table models for 8 people. Oval and rectangular models are kept so that more people can sit and the table does not take up much space.


Wooden models attract more attention in camellia type gardens. Models with metal parts and glass plates are ideal for those who want to create awareness.


Garden Table Dimensions

There is no standard garden table size. The heights of the tables vary between 70-80 cm, their width 70-120, and their length 120-200 cm. For example , the metal leg folding garden table measures 70x120 cm . If you want to determine the size of your table yourself, you can order it specially for your carpenter or you can make it yourself.


Garden Table Dimensions

Table sizes vary depending on the size of the area in the garden and the taste of the people. There is a 50x70 table for a small garden and 120x200 cm tables for large gardens.


If you want to make your garden table yourself, you can determine its dimensions. You can build a table in your garden that will not narrow the space, where you can sit comfortably and host your guests. You don't need to look for a standard size for this.


When determining the size of the garden table, it should be taken into account whether it will be used outdoors or indoors. Folding models are the most ideal for open areas. When desired, the table can be folded and taken to a closed environment.


Garden Table

Garden tables are not only used in gardens and open areas. Although it is called a garden table, you can place it on your balcony. You don't necessarily have to have a garden. You can buy or build a table according to the size of your balcony.


Garden tables can be sold individually or as a set. You choose the chair yourself in the single-sold models. You can combine chairs and armchairs sold separately. If you want to host your guests in the garden and relieve the tiredness of the day, the garden table with a sofa will be the ideal choice.


Garden table models with seats have one double and two single seats. Table height is low. If you want to use your table in the camellia, you can choose a cushioned chair.


Garden table and chair prices vary depending on the size of the table, the material used and its quality MDF tables with metal legs are sold at prices starting from 200 TL, plastic tables from 350, wooden tables from 1000 TL. If you want to procure the garden table chair in the cheapest way instead of the high price, you will either manufacture it yourself or buy a second hand garden table .


Garden tables are ideal items for those who want to sit outdoors. They are available in different designs and sizes that appeal to all kinds of tastes and needs. You can buy ready-made or make your own. A few boards, saws, nails, paint are enough for this.


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